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Why only £1?

Because you are doing a favour to rental companies who need to move their cars

Can I make a detour?

Yes you have enough miles and a 24 hour rental

Can I carpool?

Yes, you can share the costs of roads (petrol & toll)

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What they say about £1 rentals

Perfect trip
rented a car from Málaga (María Zambrano Estación) to Madrid (Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez)
Convenient deal for both sides.
rented a car from Bristol (Airport) to Luton (Airport)
System works very well.treated like a full paying customer. Highly recommended.
rented a car from Exeter (Airport) to Heathrow (Airport)
Great value, no different to renting a normal Hertz vehicle. Ideal if you only need to travel one way.
rented a car from Newcastle upon Tyne (Airport) to Heathrow (Airport)

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Search for your car from Edinburgh to Leeds

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Rental city mini car from Edinburgh to Leeds
Rental city car from Edinburgh to Leeds
Car rental from Edinburgh to Leeds
Rental sports of Edinburgh to Leeds
Rental minivan from Edinburgh to Leeds
4 x 4 rental of Edinburgh to Leeds

Why rent a vehicle one-way with DriiveMe?

Convoyez your car at the best price

Rent a car at the best price: £1 incl. VAT

Rental companies must move their cars on a daily basis. In order to minimize their costs, they offer you via DriiveMe to move their cars for £1.

Simply rent

Save time and money through one-way rentals

You do not bring the car back to the departure branch. This saves time as well as mileage expenses.

Rental with comprehensive insurance

100% guaranteed rentals

All car rentals offered include an all risks insurance. This insurance is included in the £1 rental.

Earn money

Share your road expenses with carpooling

Take advantage of your empty seats to do carpooling. You further reduce your costs while making a significant gesture for the green environment.