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Rent a car for £1

And share your expenses on the road thanks to carpool

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With DriiveMe, rent a car one-way for just £1
Then share the remaining seats in carpooling in order to divide the costs of road.

My trip with DriiveMe?

For £1, I have...

A one-way car rental

A rental car
one way ...

24h rental

.. I use
during 24 hours...

A comprehensive insurance

... With insurance
all Risks ...

Go ahead and carpool -

... And carpooling
to share my expenses

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Several car models available

for your carpools

Mini city car
Car city
Saloon car
Car sports
MPV car
4 x 4 car

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Why should you do carpooling with a £1 rental?

Rent cheaper

Rent a car at the best price: £1 incl. VAT

There's no hidden fees. For £1 you have a car rental with free seats for your carpool passengers.

Earn money

Share your road expenses with carpooling

Take advantage of your empty seats to carpool. This way you can travel almost free.

Insured rental

Carpool peacefully

All of the proposed £1 car rentals include an insurance

Simply rent

Recent cars

Rental cars available on DriiveMe are recent and consume less fuel.

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