£1 car rental FAQs

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Registration & Login

Why sign up?
To book a trip for £1 or to create an alert for future offers, you need to sign up on driiveme.co.uk
Is it free?
Registration with DriiveMe is fast and totally free.
How to sign up?
On the registration form, enter the required fields and click OK. An email will be sent to you to activate your account. Otherwise you can quickly sign up via your Facebook account.
I have not received the account activation email.
If you have not received your activation email, have a look in your SPAM folder. If you still cannot find the activation email please contact us to solve the problem
I have forgotten my password.
If you have forgotten your password, please go to reset password. After entering your address, an email will be sent to you to change your password.

£1 car rental offers

What is a £1 car rental offer?
A £1 rental offer is a one way car or van rental that costs £1 (Incl. VAT).
What is included?
For £1 Incl. VAT you can rent a car for 24 hours and have sufficient number of miles for the trip as well as fully comprehensive insurance
Are mileage expenses included?
No, like in any ordinary vehicle rental, mileage expenses (e.g. fuel, possible road tolls) have to be paid by the driver.
Why do all the rental offers cost £1?
Every day, thousands of vehicles need to be moved (usually by transporter trucks). To reduce the cost of these transfers, DriiveMe offers an unprecedented solution to move vehicles using private individuals.
Why can I not access the exact departure and arrival addresses?
For confidentiality reasons, we do not display the exact addresses of the trip in question. However, once you have booked your rental, you will have access to all the departure and arrival address details.
How long is a rental offer valid for?
An offer is valid as long as:
  • The deadline of the offer is not reached.
  • No other DriiveMe member has booked the trip.

The alerts

What is the purpose of an alert?
New £1 rental offers appear every day. An alert allows you to be warned when a rental that fits your needs has been recently added.
Do I need to sign up to create an alert?
No, you can create an alert by simply using your email address.
How can I create an alert?
With each rental search, you can create an alert so that you are notified as soon as a rental that fits your needs is available.
What cities should I indicate in an alert?
You have the following options:
  • Enter the departure city only
  • Enter the arrival city only
  • Enter the city of departure and arrival
Nearby cities are also taken into account
What dates should I indicate in an alert?
You have the following options:
  • Any date
  • Fixed date
  • Period of time
Can I receive an SMS alert?
Yes, to receive alerts by SMS, you must have:
  • Created a DriiveMe account
  • Entered your mobile number on your account
  • Entered the city of departure and arrival on your alert.
  • Entered a fixed date or a duration on your alert.
How can I delete an alert?
At the bottom of each alert email we send, a 'Delete my alert' link is available. If you have a DriiveMe account you can also manage your alerts from your account in the 'My Alerts' section.


How does the insurance work?
All cars available on DriiveMe benefit from fully comprehensive insurance. The insurance is automatically included in your £1 rent.
What does the insurance cover?
Third party liability
  • Injuries to the body : unlimited amount
  • Material and non-material damage : £100 million per claim
  • Material and non-material damage and environmental pollution : £1.6 million per claim per event
  • Non-material damages : £150,000 per claim
  • Damage to attendant's vehicles (CR as principal) : £31,000 per claim
Damage, Fire and Car theft
  • Insured against fire, theft and accidents up to £40,000
  • Fire and damage guarantees are subjected to a an excess of £1,500
  • The theft guarantee is subject to an insurance excess of £2,000
What are the insurance conditions?
For the user
  • The user must be at least 21 years old.
  • The user must have a driving licence that has been valid in the U.K. for at least one year.
  • The rented vehicle can only be driven in the U.K. and neighbouring countries.
  • The user must book with a payment card in his or her name.
  • The vehicle rental must be for private and non-professional purposes.
  • The user cannot subrent the vehicle.
For the owner
  • The vehicle must have four wheels and a weight which is less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes.
  • The vehicle must be registered in the U.K.
  • The vehicle must not exceed 9 seats (including the driver).
  • The power of the vehicle must not exceed ??? BHP.
  • The vehicle must be insured on a yearly basis

Booking a trip

What does the pick-up date of the vehicle correspond to?
The vehicle pick-up date and time corresponds to when you need to arrive at the departure address to take the vehicle.
What does the drop-off date of the vehicle correspond to?
The vehicle drop-off date and time corresponds to when you need to arrive at the destination address to give back the vehicle.
Why should I enter my driving licence information?
Your driving licence information will be transferred to the rental departure address in order to expedite the vehicle pick-up process.
Careful : if the information entered does not match your licence, you won't be able to take the vehicle.
Why should I enter my phone number?
Your phone number will only be used to notify you promptly of any changes to your booking.
What is the deposit?
When making a booking, a deposit in the form of a bank pre-authorisation (or hold) will be taken both by DriiveMe at booking and by Hertz at the time of vehicle pick-up. The DriiveMe pre-authorisation is £50 and is designed to cover the applicable booking cancellation and no-show fees.The hold is lifted upon vehicle pick-up at the departure branch. The Hertz pre-authorisation is approximately £200 and is equivalent to £1 (rental) + cost of Hertz refueling a full tank. The hold increases if additional products are taken at the branch such additional drivers, extra insurance etc and is lifted upon vehicle drop-off at the arrival branch. For Complete Guide to Car Hire with Hertz please refer to: https://www.hertz.co.uk/p/vehicle-guide/booking-your-vehicle-hire
In which cases can my bank pre-authorisation be debited?
The bank pre-authorisation will be charged for the following cases :
  • You do not show up at the departure address at the date and time previously selected.
  • You do not respect the conditions of the rental company described for the route in question.
  • You cancel your booking.
The amounts that can be charged are outlined in each rental offer on the 'Rates' tab
Can I cancel my booking?
You can cancel your booking as long as you do so before the vehicle pick up date.
A penalty of £25* will be debited.
* This penalty is doubled for van rentals
* This penalty is doubled in case of a cancellation 48 hours before departure

The pick-up of the vehicle

At which address should I pick up the vehicle?
Once your booking is confirmed, you will have the name and the exact address of departure. You must arrive on the date and time you previoulsy chose.
What items do I need to bring to take the vehicle?
The items are the same as for a traditional rental :
  • Your driving licence in your name.
  • Your payment card in your name.
  • £1, to pay the rental.
Other items (described in each offer) may be requested.
What is the procedure for taking the vehicle?
The procedure is the same as for a traditional rental :
Completion of £1 contract, bank guarantee, vehicle checks.
Who can drive the vehicle?
The driver must be the person who made the booking on DriiveMe
You have the option to add another driver at departure or directly at booking using the 'additional driver' option.

Vehicle drop-off

At which address should I drop off the car?
Once your booking is confirmed, you will have the name and the exact address of arrival. You must arrive on the date and time you previoulsy chose.
What is the procedure for dropping off the vehicle?
The procedure is the same as for a traditional rental.

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