Rent a car for £1

to go on weekends,to go to the airport,to move house,Everywhere in Europe

Help rental companies move cars, Do it for £1 !


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For £1 I can ...

Go for a weekend

£1 car rental is a great way of going on a weekend with complete autonomy.


To achieve even more savings, share the mileage expenses by carpooling.

Get to the airport

Many cars need to be delivered to airports. It's a practical and economical solution for your travels.

Move house

There are not only cars ... Many vans are offered for £1, perfect for your house moves.

How does it work?

A one-way car rental

For £1, you rent a car or a van (from city A to city B) one-way.

Rental & mileage

You have the right to 24-hour rental and enough miles to make a detour.

Comprehensive insurance

Throughout the duration of your trip, you are insured thanks to our partner Allianz.

Fuel & tolls

As in any rental, mileage expenses (fuel & tolls) are your responsibility. You can reduce these expenses by carpooling.

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Very easy experience

Manchester London

top of the range benz 9 seater not what i was expecting but great trip

Exeter London

Cool service!

Cardiff London

Amazing rental car deal for £1. It was possible do pick-up the car 2 hours earlier than the scheduled. AMAZING!! Totally recommended

Glasgow London

Really fantastic service - no issues whatsoever and when I had a problem with my account (my own fault) customer service were quick and helpful! Will definitely be using DriiveMe ...

Edinburgh London